One killed, two injured as avalanche hit village in Chitral

CHITRAL, 18 February: One person was killed and two other sustained injuries when an avalanche set off by heavy snowfall slammed into the Suraj Bala village in Reech valley of Chitral on Saturday morning.
Former Nazim of the Union Council Khot, Imran Ali Shah said that a snow avalanche hit Khot village in Reech valley. He said that Nazak Wali Shah was killed and other people identified as Azam Khan and Qurban Sharif sustained injuries who were retrieved by local volunteers from the snow.
Imran Ali Shah said that large number of wheat bags were wasted when roof of a warehouse collapsed in Zondgram valley. He said that all the main roads and link roads remain closed due to heavy snowfall and land sliding in the valley. He said that roads blockage has caused food shortage in the area.
Meanwhile, snowfall continued in Yarkhoon Lasht and Kankhoon valley since last night blocking all the roads in the area. Rain fall has increased miseries of local people in other areas of Chitral.