Police blamed for expelling transgenders from Mardan

PESHAWAR, 28 January: Score of transgenders on Saturday staged protest demonstration in Peshawar against Mardan police for forcing the transgenders to leave their homes.

The transgender community under the aegis of Trans Action Alliance gathered outside the Peshawar Press Club and chanted slogans against Mardan police.The Trans Action Alliance president Farzana Jan said that despite having registration with police, the officer of City Police Station Mardan has locked houses of 200 transgenders and ordered them to leave the city.

Farzana Jan complained that all the actions against trangenders were being taken on the directives of DPO Mian Saeed. “DPO Mian Saeed has openly directed to police not to leave any transgender in Mardan district” she said.

Farzana Jan strongly criticized the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government for being failed to take practical steps for the protection of transgender community. She demanded action against DPO Mardan adding that the displaced transgenders should be allowed to go back to their homes in the city. She warned to continue their protest if their demands were not fulfilled.