Youth of Waziristan resume sit-in after murder of political moharrar

MIRALI: The Youth of Waziristan on Saturday resumed their sit-in in Mirali area of North Waziristan against target killings after the murder of Political Moharrar Hameedullah by unknown militants.

Political Moharrar Hameedullah was killed in attack on his vehicle in North Waziristan on Friday. The participants of the sit-in said the target killing incidents in the area are on the rise, while the government has failed to fulfil its promise of curbing such incidents.

The Youth of Waziristan had earlier staged a sit-in last month against target killings for five days and ended the protest after an agreement with the political administration. The administration had promised the sit-in participants that the political administration and security officials will conduct regular patrolling in the area to maintain law and order. The administration had also assured to take special security measures during Sehr and Iftar and Taraveeh timings.

The activists of the organisation said they have resumed the sit-in in North Waziristan after failure of the administration to fulfil its promises.