Mohmand Khassadars protest against non-payment of salaries

The Khassadar personnel of Mohmand tribal district on Monday staged protest demonstration against non-payment of salaries.

 Sheen Khal / blue tattoo are the Beauty Marks for Pakhtun females

Mamarha Afridi Sheen Khaal or the blue or green dots, tattooed between the eyebrows or on the chin of young Pakhtun girls are traditional beauty...

Honour killing cases a tough task for journalists and police in merged districts

A girl and a boy were killed for honour in Karankhel area of Khyber district recently and the girl’s family buried her without funeral.

Most patients keep stress-related illness secret

A research in KP revealed that 46 percent women and 15 percent men in the province have some kind of stress-related issues.

COVID-19 universally affects religious tourism

Ali Afzal Parachinar: Beside its disastrous impacts on the global economy, the coronavirus pandemic has also affected religious communities across the board. Millions of Muslims...

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

School in Landikotal closed after teacher, 2 students contract coronavirus

A primary school of Baitul Maal has been closed in Landikotal after coronavirus tests of two students and a teacher came back as positive.


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Girls education is key to end child marriages

Sana Ahmad Ending child marriage is critical for girls ‘rights, health, wellbeing, and ability to survive into violence-free adulthood. Global good practices suggest that ending...

Socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on the transgender community

Ms. Sana The outbreak of global pandemic COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in multiple ways and continues to expose challenges beyond healthcare. It has created...

Capable teachers needed to turn around education system in Tank

Tank is considered among the least developed areas of KP. The main reason behind backwardness is lack of basic facilities for people.

Why I became journalist

The entire world knows what Waziristan has been through and how people migrated from there during military operations and faced huge problems.

Judo champion Bushra says tough life made her an aggressive player

Coming from such backward area and being Afridi, it was really difficult for Bushra to convince her parents afor taking part in sports.


Highest single day corona death toll reported in Pakistan in 4 months

42 deaths have been reported in Pakistan from coronavirus during the last 24 hours after which the country's death toll has reached 7,603.

Political parties, tribesmen hold massive rally for return of Kokikhel displaced...

The political alliance Wednesday held a rally at Bab-e-Khyber for return of displaced persons of Kokikhel tribe in Khyber tribal district.

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