3 girls commit suicide in Chitral

Main reasons behind suicides during the last couple of years is competition in exams, poverty, lack of facilities and sometimes forced marriages.

Drop scene of Zoha murder case

In an unfortunate development, it has been revealed that a newly-wed bride, Zoha, was killed by her mother-in-law, brother-in-law and husband’s uncle.

Why patients bring solar fans to Miranshah...

Prolonged power outages of 18 hours at Miranshah Hospital in North Waziristan tribal district have made the lives of patients and attendants miserable.

Chitral bags trophy as Shandur Polo festival...

Shandur polo ground is called the "Roof of the World" where polo tournament has been held annually since 1936.

Two nieces of Afzal Kohistani kidnapped

The Kohistan video scandal story has taken a new turn as now two nieces of the deceased Afzal Kohistani, who unveiled the scandal, have been kidnapped.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

KP assembly ask govt to extend high-speed internet facility to tribal districts

The ANP Parliamentary Leader Sardar Hussain Babak presented the resolution for extending internet service which was unanimously passed by the KP assembly.

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By 2050, what if we can’t see the forests or the trees? 

Most of us are familiar with the old saying that sometimes we ‘can’t see the forest for the trees.’

All sexual abuse victims deserve justice like Zenab

Little girl from Mohmand tribal district, Farishta did not know at the time of stepping outside her home for playing that she would be raped and killed.

‘Pashto films are destroying Pakhtun culture’

Sadly, the Pashto movies portray an ‘unrealistic’ image of Pashtun Society.

A reliable and convenient Pink Bus Service is a step forward towards women empowerment

Beside many other issues and barriers which have curbed the development and empowerment of women in society in different walks of life, the issue of transport is one of the concerns for women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).



The all Pakistan lawyer convention demanded the government to withdraw references filed against the Supreme Court judge Justice Faez Isa

Lawyers convention slams reference filed against Justice Faes Isa

Speakers at the All Pakistan Lawyers convention said that the convention is not against any institution but arranged for the Supremacy of law and independence of the judiciary.

Muhammad Nabi: The shining star of Karate from Bara

No one can deny sports talent in tribal districts. Players from merged districts have made name for them on national and international level.

Pakistan ends World Cup campaign on a high note

Pakistan ended their ICC World Cup campaign on a high note with comprehensive win against Bangladesh by 94 runs in London on Friday.