Senior ANP leader injured in Bajaur bomb blast

The 65-year-old Maulana Gul Dad has lost 13 members of his family and friends – including his brother and son – in the war against Taliban.

ECP postpones polls in KP’s tribal districts...

The first ever election on 16 seats of tribal districts for KP assembly that was earlier scheduled for July 2 would now be held on July 20.

Peshawar, Moscow museums sign MoU for preservation...

Under the agreement, Russian archaeologists will help the province in preserving the archaeological sites in the province.

‘Men treat lonely woman like a commodity’

Life is full of challenges. Some people surrender to their fate, while there are others who remain steadfast and keep on fighting and never accept defeat.

Mastan Khan can’t live without his jeep,...

Mastan Khan, a lively tribesman from North Waziristan, passionately loves his jeep and moustaches and he is keeping his passion alive for the last 45 years.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Sale of polythene bags banned in Khyber district

Deputy Commissioner Khyber Mehmood Aslam Wazir has asked the police take action against shopkeepers who are still selling plastic bags despite ban.

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All sexual abuse victims deserve justice like Zenab

Little girl from Mohmand tribal district, Farishta did not know at the time of stepping outside her home for playing that she would be raped and killed.

‘Pashto films are destroying Pakhtun culture’

Sadly, the Pashto movies portray an ‘unrealistic’ image of Pashtun Society.

A reliable and convenient Pink Bus Service is a step forward towards women empowerment

Beside many other issues and barriers which have curbed the development and empowerment of women in society in different walks of life, the issue of transport is one of the concerns for women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

‘Minorities enjoy complete freedom in Pakistan’

According to Gilani Research Foundation Survey, 87 % Pakistanis including minorities believed that minorities in Pakistan have freedom of speech and equal rights.


Peshawar Team Wins One Million Pakistani Rupees in StartUp Cup

During the finals of the fifth annual StartUp Cup business model competition, a team from Peshawar prevailed over 17 other teams to take the top prize – one million Pakistani rupees

Panel discussion: Rulers must get their development priorities right

The Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (RRR) Unit of the KP government has released Rs4.5 billion funds for different projects in merged districts.