Hangu market fine

HANGU, August 23: The Food Department of Hangu has arrested 10 shopkeepers for overcharging consumers and not following official pricelists while several shopkeepers have been fined.

The head of department in Hangu, Mr Arshad Ali Khan, says they took action in Patt Bazaar, Samana Road and Sangeer area on public complaints against traders. He said the administration would keep check on the traders in future as well.

On the other hand, shopkeepers said the food controller charged higher fines that they could not afford to pay within their income.

“We get the pricelist from the main market on a daily basis. The authorities took notice of sale of apples at 80 rupees per kilogram, instead of 50 rupees, but they did not even check the quality of the apples. The traders are poor people but they have been charged higher fines. They just give us a receipt after we pay fine but we don’t know whether they submit the money to the exchequer or not,” said one of the traders.