GHALANAI, 22 October: Political administration and tribal peace lashkar demolished the houses of 11 suspected persons in Tehsil Pandyali of Mohmand Agency on Wednesday, official sources said.
More than 200 personnel of Khasadar and Levis force along with 100 volunteers of Dawezai peace lashkar bulldozed the houses of 11 suspected persons in Momin Kor Aso Kor and Zawo Kor, the sources said and added the accused were wanted to political administration in various cases of crimes and terrorism.
A week back the tribal lashkar and political administration had demolished five houses of suspected militants in same area. Several members of peace lashkar as well as personnel of Levis, Khasdar force, Frontier Corps and army had been killed and injured in 70 Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blasts within last two years.

An official of political administration said that 280 residents of Dawezai were still wanted to the administration in various cases.
Meanwhile the local elders complained that Dawezai had been neglected by authorities for years and asked them to initiate development schemes for the progress and development of the area. The officials of political administration assured the elders to spare due share for development of the area out of Annual Development Program.

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