11 parents arrested for refusing polio drops to children in FR DI Khan. Photo by Shakir Mehsud

By Shakir Mehsud

DI KHAN, 29 June: The political administration of Frontier Region (FR) Dera Ismail Khan arrested 11 parents for creating impediments in the way of anti-polio campaign in Darazanda area on Tuesday.

The officials of administration said that residents of Darazanda staged a protest demonstration against prolonged power outage and demanded to reduce the load-shedding.

Later on, the protestors  refused to administer polio drops to their children and locked a government hospital against power load-shedding due to which they were arrested and sent to jail, they added.

Assistant political tehsildar said that the parents were arrested for creating hurdles in the way of polio vaccination campaign. and endangering public security.

Pakistan is one of three countries where polio is endemic, and the country last year accounted for the vast majority of reported cases. The disease remains common after the Taliban banned vaccinations and attacked medical workers. Some Pakistanis also are suspicious about vaccinations, fearing it will sterilize their children.

The political administration released the parents as a result of successful negotiation with elders from Sherani tribe. The parents agreed to vaccinate their children against polio.

Polio vaccination drive is under way in FR DI Khan since Monday.