PESHAWAR, 11 March: The UNHCR has started repatriation of registered Afghan refugees who have been staying in Pakistan so far.

The UNHCR has published an advertisement in local newspapers, saying that those registered Afghan refugees, willing to return to their native land, can contact the authorities for assistance.

According to the advertisement, Afghans carrying the Proof of Registration (PoR) cads will get 200 dollars each and the families comprising more than six people will get 1,200 dollars each.

The UNHCR has set up Help Centres in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Quetta and other areas to guide the Afghan families about their rehabilitation to their country.

As per an agreement, time period for stay of registered Afghans in Pakistan will finish by the end of current year.

Two days ago, Afghan Minister Saeed Hussain Aleemi said at a joint conference with Pakistani authorities that they chalked out a plan for repatriation of refugees.