KHAR, May 2: Fourteen women have died of a mysterious disease in Waro Mamond area of Bajaur tribal region during the last one week.

Local residents say the women who died aged between 40 to 50 years. They say the disease symptoms are that the nose and mouth of a patient starts bleeding, resulting in death within 24 hours.

The locals also say the infected women had complained of pain in the chest and stomach.

The Agency Surgeon, Dr Zakir Hussain, says the disease has broken out in Dabbar, Badan and Saroshah areas and that medical teams had been sent to there.

He added that the causes of the disease had not been known yet, but that people believed the disease was caused by a specific type of grass as the affected women used to cut grass in the area.

He said blood samples of the affected women had also been sent to laboratories in the provincial capital Peshawar but the results of the testing are yet to be declared.

A Pakistani media organisation quoted senior health officials as saying that most of the infected women had been working in the fields.