A photo of the vehicle which was swept away by flash-flood in Bazaar Zakhakhel area of Khyber Agency on Saturday. At least 26 people were killed in the incident. Photo by Saddam Shinwari

LANDIKOTAL, 30 July: At least 26 people, including women and children, lost their lives when a vehicle carrying wedding guests was flooded in a stream in Bazaar area of Landikotal sub-division in Khyber Agency on Saturday morning.

Political official Subedar Fazal Khan said the van was passing through a stream at 4:00am on Saturday when it suddenly drowned in the water due to the flood caused by rains in the area. Search and rescue teams arrived at the spot after the incident.

The official said that 26 dead bodies and four injured have been retrieved from the stream.

According to local administration the dead were identified as Saeeda d/o Shah wazir, Hazrat mena s/o Kaleem Khan,
Nazeema d/o Zulfiqar, Yaman s/o Abad khan, Falaja d/o Abad Khan, Mawala w/o Sayel Khan, Haleema d/o Sayel Khan, Sidra w/o Zameen Shah, Sabeela d/o Zameen Shah, Rahmanullah s/o Zameen Shah, Tasreena w/o Aqal Baz
Fatma d/o Lal Kabeer, Muhammed s/o Kotwali,Khial muhammad s/o Mafa Khel, Basri Bibi d/o Khial Mohd,Shahjy w/o Khial mohd, Shaleena w/o Yaqoob khan, Yaqoob s/o Quwat Khan, Abida d/o Baram Gul,Watan Khela w/o Jaffer Khan, Wahida d/o Gulam Shah, Gul Wali s/o Abad Khan, Laiba d/o Sanab Khel, Khadeja d/o Sanab Khel, Basaleha d/o Farooq, Raj Mena d/o Farooq.

Meanwhile, Political Agent Khyber Agency Captain(rtd) Khalid Mehmood announced Rs 300,000 for the family of  each dead person while Rs 100,000 for each injured.