WANA: The political administration of South Waziristan Agency has arrested 18 people of Dotani tribe over their alleged involvement in firing on the members of a reconciliatory Jirga.

Three people, including a Jirga leader Malik Bahram Khan Khojalkhel, died and 12 others sustained injuries as members of Dotani and Karaykhel tribes traded heavy fire on the ownership dispute of a mountain in South Waziristan on Thursday. Official sources said there was a long standing dispute between Dotani and Karaykhel sub-tribes of Wazir tribe of Wana on the ownership of a mountain in Cheenakho area. The situation worsened when a vehicle carrying Jirga members of Wazir and Sulemankhel tribes for reconciliation between the rival tribes came under firing in Cheenakho area and fell into a ditch.

The political administration said action has been taken against Dotani tribe under Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR). It said privileges of the tribe will also be suspended under the law.

Political Agent Sohail Khan has also announced Rs100,000 compensation for the family of the deceased Jirga member.