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PESHAWAR: On average, one child is being subjected to sexual abuse daily in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and some of them are killed after abuse.

According to statistics released by the KP government, as many as 184 children were sexually abused in the first eight months of this year. In 2018, 145 children were sexually abused, while in 2019, 185 children were abused in KP. Police record shows that most cases of sexual abuse of children were reported from Peshawar, Mardan, Charsadda and Nowshera, while no such case has been reported from Kurram, Kohistan and Hangu during the last two years.

The report shows that 211 accused involved in sexual abuse of children were arrested in 2018, 264 were arrested in 2019, and legal action was taken against 235 accused. Several cases of abuse remained unreported during past. With the increase in reporting of such cases, the ratio of cases has also increased.

Previously, people tended to be reluctant in reporting the cases of sexual abuse owing to social constraints. However, after countrywide campaign against such heinous crimes and debate for strictest punishments, the trend has changed and now more victims are coming forward and lodging complaints against abusers due to which such culprits are getting punishment.

Meanwhile, on the directions of Chief Minister Mehmood Khan, a delegation of the KP government visited the residence of father of two and a half years old girl Zenab, who was killed after sexual abuse in Charsadda. The delegation including CM’s Special Assistant on Information Kamran Bangash, Law Minister Sultan Muhammad Khan and Special Assistant on Miners Arif Ahmedzai assured the father of the victim girl that the culprit involved in the heinous crime will never escape punishment.

Kamran Bangash said after meeting with father of Zenab that the victim family is satisfied with police investigation. He said the chief minister is personally monitoring progress on the case and technical teams are helping Charsadda Police in tracing the culprit. He said the culprit will be arrested soon.

Sultan Muhammad said legal lacunae in awarding strictest punishments to the culprits of such crimes will be removed. He said the culprit will face justice soon.

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