By Gul Hammad Farooqi

CHITRAL: Mori Lasht area of Chitral, which was known for its scenic beauty and lovely landscape, is presenting a deserted look now due to extreme water scarcity in the area.

TNN correspondent said no water is available from faucets and canals have also dried up recently due to which over 2,000 farmers have left the area. This acute water shortage has severely affected the fruit orchards as well. The area people told TNN that agricultural lands, orchards and cattle were their sources of income, but now they are compelled to sale their cattle.

Ghulam Rasool, a local person, said his crop was spoiled and fruit trees in the orchard also dried up due to water scarcity. He said he used to make ends meet by selling milk of his cattle, but now he has sold them and he is empty handed now.

Qazi Asghar, another farmer, said the wheat crop was damaged and maize crop has been spoiled completely due to unavailability of water. He said this situation compelled him to migrate to another location.

Social activist Akhunzada Rehmatullah said the area was known for producing best quality pomegranate and apple. However, he said now the pomegranate trees have dried up and apples fall from the tree too early duo to lack of water. He said water resources are available just three kilometres away from the area and water can be made available for consumption and irrigation if the government lays water pipelines in that area. He demanded the government to resolve this problem to revive farming in the area.