Newly recruited Levies personnel in Khyber Agency. – Photo By Salim Afridi

TIRAH VALLEY, November 1: The political administration has recruited 200 Levies personnel from Bara tehsil, raising the total number of the forces to 300 in Tirah Valley.

Additional Political Agent of Khyber Agency, Mr Ghulam Habib, told TNN that the government’s intervention has restored peace in Tirah Valley. In order to solve the financial problems, the authorities are providing people with the jobs, he added.

He said the newly recruited personnel would be given proper training and a new tehsil is likely to be set up in the agency as well.

“The Levies force in the area comprises 300 personnel. Now a tehsildar is also permanently appointed there and people are also provided quick services in the making of their national identity cards (NIC) and domiciles. In addition, NADRA office has also been established there,” he added.

He said they were also considering establishment of a new. “We have promised the tribal elders that we will set up a tehsil in Malikdinkhel area.”


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