People busy in egg fighting in Peshawar after Iftar time. – Photo by Kashif Aziz

PESHAWAR, 14 July: The old culture of egg fighting with the advent of the holy month of Ramazan till the Eid days still thrives in many parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The game involves using coloured boiled eggs to crack the opponent’s eggs. The game is being played in parts of KP since generations. People usually come out of their houses after Iftar time and enjoy egg fighting at specified places. In many rural areas, the practice begins from the first day of Ramazan and continues till Eid days.

“I have played this game for about 10 years. I greatly enjoyed cracking the eggs of others during Eid days. I used to distribute the eggs won in the game among the friends and family members,” a local person told TNN.

On one hand, some people place bets on egg fighting, while there is also a tradition of sending coloured boiled eggs as gift.

“I have engaged recently. There is a tradition in our family that the in-laws send brightly coloured boiled eggs for their son-in-law who further distributes these eggs among family members,” another citizen from Peshawar said.


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