bio metric

PESHAWAR, October 1: The Election Commission of Pakistan has decided to organise the 2018 elections using biometric system.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the Commission in the federal capital Islamabad on 30 September.

The Commission secretary Mr Ishtiaq Ahmad said that efforts had been under way to launch the biometric system for the last several years, but that the last elections were held without the system due to paucity of time.

The meeting also decided to ask the government to legislate for introduction of biometric system in the country and to replace voting through ballot paper with the voting through thumb impression on machine.  He said the system might be ready within two years.

Mr Ishtiaq Ahmed said about 250,000 biometric machines were needed for the whole country, for which several companies have been consulted.

The Pakistan Tahrik-e-Insaf activists have been protesting in the country for the last almost two months, alleging that the incumbent ruling party had rigged the 2013 elections. The biometric system may ensure fair elections next time.


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