former Afghan president Dr Najeebullah

BANNU, 29 September: Pukhtana Matarqi Likwal, a literary organisation in Bannu, observed the 21st death anniversary of former Afghan president Dr Najeebullah on Thursday.

Participants of the gathering put light on the life and philosophy of Dr Najeebullah. Comrade Saleem said on the occasion that the situation in the region, especially in Afghanistan, would have been different today if the philosophy and lessons of Dr Najeebullah were followed. He said it was a matter of disappointment that people of wisdom and intellect like Dr Najeebullah did not get the esteem in Afghanistan which they really deserved. He said the people who celebrated on the death of Dr Najeeb will soon realise that they were wrong.

“The forces of darkness which are against the humanity are even active today which were active 21 years ago and our war against such forces will continue. Our aim is to bring prosperity for the people through our sincere efforts,” he told TNN.

District Bar Association Bannu general secretary Bakht Niaz Khan said the life and political philosophy of Dr Najeebullah was a key to bright future of Afghanistan, but that hopes received a severe blow with his assassination. He said Dr Najeebullah was a source of hope for the people of Afghanistan and entire region.