Photo by Saleem-ur-Rehman

BARA, 23 October: The residents of Bara Khyber Agency, who have recently returned to the area, complained that they were being given sub-standard flour by Fata Disaster Management Authority (FDMA).

Talking to TNN some of the residents said that they were extremely poor and could not afford to purchase flour from market. They said that they were being provided with substandard flour mixed with sands by FDMA that was causing stomach and kidney diseases among residents of the area.” The market price of the quantity of flour which is given to us is Rs 2000 but we have to sell it for Rs 800 less than half of  its actual price because of its poor quality” one resident said and added “sometimes we feed it to our cattle because we cannot eat it” Another resident said ” every month they (FDMA) give us two bags of impure flour which is not eatable, this is why we either sell them in the market or feed them to cattle. We demand of the government to provide us with standard flour and ration”.

When contacted an official of the FDMA said that they have given the contract of flour distribution to a Non Government Organization (NGO) ACTED. The matter would be investigated, he said adding if proved that substandard four had been provided to the residents of Bara, stern action would be taken against the NGO.


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