KHAR, 13 May: As many as 29 de-radicalized militants were released after successful completion of courses of various skilled trades.

The Pakistan Army-run organization Naway Sahar imparted them two-and-a-half-month training in tailoring, electrician and carpentry trades. In this connection, a ceremony was held here yesterday, which was also participated by Scouts Commandant Col Mir Ameer Ali, Bajaur Political Agent Muhammad Yahya Akhunzada.

Addressing the ceremony, Col Mir Ameer Ali said that the de-radicalized students have taken oath to serve humanity, with special focus on the country’s prosperity and development and they will never become part of any terrorist activity.

The de-radicalized militants expressed remorse over joining hands with anti-Sate elements. “Government has forgiven us for the mistakes we committed in the past. And now we have realized that we were not on the right path. We have learnt here various skilled trades. I am a management electrician and now I will open a shop of electrician and will serve the nation. Pakistan is our country and, God willing, we will render any kind of sacrifice for our motherland,” they said.


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