Salman Yousafzai

BUNER: First time in the history of Buner, a Pashto poetry book of eminent poet Munir Buneri ‘Speenay Speenay Ma Waya’ originally priced at Rs250 has been sold for Rs40,000 to honour the poet.

The poetry book was published few days ago and it was launched at a ceremony in Tor Tangi area of Buner. Ilam Adabi Pakhto Karavan, a local literary organisation, had arranged the book launching ceremony which was attended by Assistant Commissioner Daggar Latifur Rehman and eminent poets from different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The poets and writers in their speeches on the occasion praised the talent and insight of Munir Buneri by sharing some passages from his book and also pinpointed some areas where the poet can improve further.

Syed Mir, a guest in the ceremony who came from Tank district, announced to buy the poetry book of Munir Buneri originally priced at Rs250 for Rs40,000 to honour the writer and encourage other poets to write quality poetry. Assistant Commissioner Latifur Rehamn also honoured the poet by buying his book for Rs20,000 and a local elder Bakht Zada did the same honours by buying the book for Rs10,000.

Syed Mir said while talking to TNN that he is a great fan of Munir Buneri. He said he paid Rs40,000 for the book to honour the writer and to express his fondness for quality Pashto poetry.

Assistant Commissioner Latifur Rehman told TNN that the district administration will extend every cooperation to literary organisation for promoting art and literature.

“It is a very good step to buy quality poetry books at high price to honour the writer because they usually have weak financial background. I hope that this practice will extend to other districts of KP and poets and writers will be encouraged the same way,” he said.

Munir Buneri said on the occasion that he is greatly moved by recognition of his work by the lovers of Pashto literature. He said he will continue to serve Pashto literature with creative and in-depth poetry.

Munir Buneri’s poem ‘Speenay Speenay Ma Waya’ was very popular on the social media after which he decided to give same name to his poetry book. He said 3,000 copies of the book were sold out on the first day of its launching after which he printed 3,000 more copies which have also been sold out.

An open Mushaira (poetic symposium) was also held on the occasion of book launching which was enjoyed by the participants. Poets Muhammad Gul Mansoor, Shah Nawaz Baqir, Fitrat Buneri, Atal Afghan, Bahramand Bahar, Azmat Tanha, Azam Buneri, Musa Salar, Hakimullah Sial and others presented attractive poetry and received applause from audience.