Rebels laying down arms in Quetta. - Photo by Shah Muhammad Dotani

QUETTA, 30 October: Thirty rebels, including an important commander of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), have laid down their arms in Balochistan.

Head of the rebel group, Mir Jan Marri laid down arms before Marri tribe chief and Provincial Minister for Irrigation Nawab Jangez Khan Marri in Quetta on Thursday. Jangez Marri said on the occasion that about 50 percent rebels have again accepted the writ of the government and a large number of more rebels are also ready to surrender. He said contacts with such rebels have been established and soon more rebels will lay down arms in best interest of peace in the region.

Mir Jan Marri said he along with his associates remained part of a banned outfit for 10 years. He said they have now realised that they were being misused. He pledged to remain in peace in future.


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