PESHAWAR, 15 December: Thirty-four Muslim states have agreed to form a joint military force to combat terrorism, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman as saying.

Besides Saudi Arabia as its head, the military coalition includes Pakistan, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia and other Asian and African countries. Shia dominated states such as Iran, Syria and Iraq have not been included in the alliance.

The Saudi defense minister said the coalition would establish a joint operations center in Riyadh and it would fight against any terrorist organization in the world including ISIS.

Muhammad further said with the formation of the military alliance, efforts for the establishment of peace in Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria would be further strengthened.

He added that the alliance would coordinate with other world powers and international bodies for restoring peace and combating terrorism. It would immediately come into action if any terrorist organization tried to disturb peace of an Islamic country, he maintained.


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