PESHAWAR: Around 54 percent children, every second child, in Khyber Pakthunkhwa have been suffering from malnutrition, revealed a survey presented by Pakistan Pediatric Association here Saturday.

To mark World Children Day, an event was organised by the association here at Peshawar Press Club. Office bearer of the association Dr Irshad Ahmad, Unicef representative Dr Abdul Jamil said poverty and parents’ carelessness was the major reason behind nutrition deficiency among children.

Dr Jamil said that 54 children out of 1000 die every year on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to deficiency, adding that mothers don’t take proper diet due to which their children remain nutrient deficient.

“Around 6.6 million children in Pakistan have no access to clean drinking water, six million have no access to wash their hands with soap while 53000 children die due to diarrhea every year,” he said.

He added that 60 percent children were not breastfed for six months of his birth, making them vulnerable to diseases.

He said that the United Nations mark World Children Day on November 20 every year to create awareness among parents especially mothers to breastfeed their children.