Nabi Jan Orakzai

PESHAWAR: The Fata Secretariat has completed the process of registration of madrassas (religious seminaries) in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) and Frontier Regions (FRs).

The registration data shows that there are a total of 795 religious seminaries in Fata and FRs, out of which 502 are madrassas for boys, 173 are for girls and 120 are with co-education for minor girls and boys. As many as 59,991 students, including 45,908 male and 14,083 female, from primary to secondary level are enrolled in these madrassas.

Out of these madrassas, 387 are registered with Directorate of Education Fata, while 229 are unregistered. According to recent population census in Fata, 179 seminaries haven’t even initiated the process of registration. As many as 3,345 teachers, including 2,094 male and 682 female, are engaged in madrassas in the tribal areas. Besides, 569 teachers are engaged in co-education madrassas.

According to the annual report of the Directorate of Education Fata, the religious seminaries in Fata are affiliated with different registered institutions. The report said 683 seminaries are affiliated with Wafaqul Madaris (Deobandi), 17 are affiliated with Tanzeemul Madaris (Barelvi), 11 are registered with Rabta-ul-Madaris, seven are registered with Wafaqul Madaris al-Salfia (Ahle Hadith), four are registered with Wafaqul Madaris Shia, while 73 seminaries have no affiliation.

South Waziristan has largest number of madrassas

The report says 327 madrassas are imparting education about Rajweedul Quran, 49 are teaching Moqooful Aalia and 44 are teaching Dora-e-Hadith.

South Waziristan Agency has largest number of madrassas (290) in Fata, where 47,071 students are receiving religious education. Mohmand Agency has second largest number of madrassas (130), where 2,318 students are enrolled. In North Waziristan, 4,116 students are enrolled in seminaries 91 seminaries, 1,410 students are enrolled in 62 seminaries in Kurram Agency, 1,146 students are enrolled in 56 seminaries in Khyber Agency, and 842 students are enrolled in 49 madrassas in Bajaur Agency.

In the semi-tribal frontier regions, 780 students are getting religious education in 14 seminaries in FR Lakki Marwat, 486 students are registered in nine madrassas of FR Dera Ismail Khan, 256 students are enrolled in five seminaries of FR Tank, and 494 students are enrolled in three madrassas of FR Peshawar.