PESHAWAR: A six-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in district Shangla’s Shah Pur village on Monday morning.

The victims’ father said that his daughter R* was on the way to a religious seminary in the morning when she was stopped and was taken to a desolate place by an accused identified as I* and was allegedly sexually abused. He added that his daughter started crying due to which people gathered on the crime scene but, the accused could not be nabbed as he was brandishing a gun and escaped from the crime spot.

However, the local people have rushed the victim child to a local hospital where doctors after medical examination have confirmed that she was sexually abused. Police said that they have registered the case and conducting further investigation into the case.

Sources have informed that accused belongs to the influential political family of the area. The police are not taking any action against them and accused family wants to defuse the matter with the force of money without any legal procedures. While the victims’ family has no enough resources to contest the case in the court of justice.

There has been a steep rise in cases of child rape in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with around 4600 cases of sexual assault of minors registered in last one year. A report released by the NGO Sahil has revealed reported cases of child abuse increased by 11 per cent in the year 2018 compared to 2017, with more than 10 children suffering some form of abuse every day in Pakistan last year.

Experts say that most parents shy away from coming out to lodge complaints with local police or the powerful people forces the victims to decide the matter mutually without lodging police case and in this way hundreds of such cases go unreported due to fear of being cornered by the society.



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