PESHAWAR: The Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco) has decided to reimburse Rs2.40 billon to its thousands of consumers in Hazara division.

Pescho chief Shabir Ahmad Jillani said this in a meeting with National Accountability Bureau (NAB). He said that the amount would adjusted in utility bills in next four months.

He said that 25,000 consumers of Hazara-I and Hazara-II circles would be send low bills for next four months.

NAB had launched inquiry after Pesco had send inflated bills to the consumers and proved that the company had minted the amount.

NAB found that Pesco officials had mentioned in its record that they had changed the meters but in fact the old meters were still there.

NAB also claimed that 150,000 consumers were sent inflated bill across the province and the amount would be adjusted in bills.