PESHAWAR: A recent report on the status of education, compiled by the government, shows that the retention rates at schools are drastically low at the tribal districts where hardly 5 per cent students could make it up to 5th class.

The report prepared by the Education Management Information (EMIS) from all the seven tribal districts, claimed the situation at the middle and secondary level is also not so satisfactory where the dropout rate is also a serious concern.

The report said that the dropout rate during the very first year of enrollment is 73 per cent, which includes 79 per cent boys and 79 per cent girl.

According to the data, the wars affected North Waziristan is on top of the list, where the overall dropout rate is 63 per cent in which 73 per cent are girls.

However, the report has not identified the core reasons behind the low retention rates of students in tribal districts.

There are 5890 schools in all the tribal districts where a total of 0.677 million students are admitted; however, all the schools are lacking basic facilities.

The data compiled by Education management information, a total of 43 per cent of schools have no electricity, 45 per cent schools have no drinking water, 45 per cent schools have no bathrooms and 30 per cent schools have no boundary walls.

The report is not yet released which also claimed that there is also a lack of teaching staff at schools and a total of 1500 schools were destroyed during the war in the tribal region of the country.


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