Pashto actor Yar Hassan Swati. - A file photo

PESHAWAR: The poor state of Pashto Showbiz industry can be gauged from the fact that certain popular actors working in in Pashto CD films and dramas had to pay from own pockets to get work and exposure.

Yar Hassan Swati, a notable actor in Pashto CD dramas and films, said in a chat with TNN that he has never earned money from this profession in his 18-year-lond career. Yar Hassan, who was born in Nabi Killi area of Dagai Bandah, Nowshera, left his education after 7th grade due to financial constraints.

Yar Hassan said there are many people in the Pashto film industry who give work to actors in their films and dramas only after receiving money from them. He said this trend has put a very negative impact on quality of Pashto dramas and films.

“These films and dramas never show the true life, traditions and culture of Pakhtuns,” he said while responding to a question.

The famous actor said he loved acting from his childhood and works in films and dramas only to pursue his passion and it has nothing to do with money. He said he considers Tariq Jamal as his Ustad (mentor) and Badar Munir was his favourite actor.

The father of five said he wants to keep his children away from this profession. He said he gained work in the Pashto industry after hectic efforts and could not achieve his target due to poor quality of productions. He said he is much better an actor than how he looks like in the Pashto dramas and films as his talent has not been fully explored yet.

Yar Hassan said he wants to work in films which depict true picture of Pakhtuns to the world.

“Pashto films and dramas lost their charm due to monopoly of uneducated and non-professional people in the industry,” he lamented, and appealed to the government and film producers to promote such films which show the real colours of Pakhtuns and depict their rich and proud culture.

To a question, Yar Hassan said he looks after his family with the salary received from a Class-IV job in a school. He said the film producers should reward the actors for their hard work and dedication. He said improvement of quality in Pashto film and drama production will create opportunities for talented people in the industry.