LANDIKOTAL, 12 November: In a bid to end rivalries among different tribes and families Loe Shalman area of Landikotal sub-division, the political administration of Khyber Agency has announced to impose fine of Rs1 million on people involved in murder.

Assistant Political Agent Landikotal Nasir Khan told TNN that many people recently died in the area due to personal enmity which damaged the administration’s efforts towards creating durable peace in the region. For this purpose, he said, the administration has decided to impose fine of Rs1 million on murderers, Rs500,000 on anyone who injured another person in firing and Rs200,000 on people who indulged in scuffle or resorted to aerial firing.

“Deaths due to personal enmity were on the raise in Loe Shalman after which the administration took this initiative to curb this dangerous trend. We have announced these fines on people involved in violent incidents to promote peace in the region,” Nasir Khan said.

He hoped that this step by the administration will prove helpful in bringing durable peace in the region.


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