Afghan authorities stop Waziristan IDPs to return home

MIRAN SHAH: The North Waziristan Agency administration on Wednesday claimed that Afghan officials on Ghulam Khan crossing stopped the Pakistan Internally Displaced families from entering Pakistan.

The families, who had taken shelter in Afghanistan after Pakistan army launched military operation in the agency, were were returning the agency but not allowed to cross the border and sent back to the camps.

Officials at the administration said when contacted, the Afghan officials said the central government had ordered them not to let the IDPs return home.

Fata Disaster Management Authority head Sirajul Haq told Tribal News Network that they had finalized all arrangements with border authority on Ghulam Khan crossing and wondered why the IDPs were not allowed to return.

He said that second phase of the IDPs in camps in Afghanistan was kicked off to bring back 4300 families to their native town while 4500 families had came back in the first phase.

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