Photo by M Hanif

MIRANSHAH, 24 November: Afghan tribal elders have assured the political administration of North Waziristan agency that they will provide accurate data of Pakistani tribesmen who migrated to Afghanistan due to the Zarb-e-Azb military operation within a fortnight.

The assurance was given during a meeting held at the Zero point on Pak-Afghan border. Officials of the political administration, security officials and Afghan tribal elders attended the meeting.

It was agreed that Afghan elders would provide accurate information about the number of Pakistani families residing in Afghanistan to the border forces. It was further agreed that all the migrated tribesmen would be repatriated to their homes in Pakistan with dignity and honor.

Muhammad Anwar Sherani, assistant political agent of North Waziristan told TNN that as per the official estimate, the number of Pakistani families living in Afghanistan was round about 9500. He said the Afghan maliks were told to collect data of Pakistani tribesmen and provide the same to Pakistani border officials so that their repatriation to their hometown could be facilitated.

He said the tribesmen would not be allowed to bring unregistered and non-custom paid vehicles along with them.

It merits a mention here that when hundreds of thousands of Pakistani tribesmen were leaving their homes in North Waziristan agency during the Zaaarb-e-Azb operation, large number of tribesmen living near the Pak-Afghan border also went to Afghanistan and temporarily settled there.