PESHAWAR: Afghan refugees in Pakistan welcome PM Imran Khan’s decision to grant Pakistani citizenship to those refugees who have born here in Pakistan.

Talking to TNN, Afghan refugees said it would help improve relationship between the two countries and urged the government to implement the decision by making the process easy for the refugees.

Doctor Zameer, a dentist by profession who is born and get education here in Pakistan said there are several countries that grant citizenship children where they are born therefore he too should be given Pakistani citizenship.

PM Imran Khan has announced in Karachi that the government will grant nationality to all Pakistan born refugees of Afghans and Bangladesh.

He said that Bangladeshi refugees who have been living here since several decades have no passport while those Afghan refugees who have born here would also be given passport and computerized identity card. There are around 1.4 million Afghan refugees, with 70 percent those who have born here.