BANNU: Ahmedzai Wazir tribe held another Grand Jirga on Friday for ensuring peaceful environment in the area.

On the occasion, a 56-member committee was formed to form a unanimous strategy to pursue the demands of the Grand Jirga. The Jirga was held at Dahmi Pull which was attended by hundreds of local elders and youth.

The Jirga was addressed by former district councilor Haleem Zada Afghani, Naz Ali Khan Wazir, Malik Adnan, former nazim Domail Fida Muhammad Khan Wazir, Malik Ishaq, Najeeb Wazir and others. The local elders said development in the area is not possible until complete peace and law and order in the area. They said human life becomes difficult when there is no writ of the law.

The speakers said the people of Ahmedzai Wazir tribe are progressive and they want to educate their children and go on path of peace and development, but some invisible forces are hatching conspiracies against peace in the area. They said some miscreants are trying to disturb peaceful environment in the area and even the law enforcement agencies are under target of these elements. They said the Grand Jirga has been arranged to find a way to ensure continuity of peace in the area. They said the activities of criminals in the area will never be tolerated and all possible steps will be taken to safeguard the future of the coming generations.

The Jirga leaders said some elements are again uniting in Bannu Township area and they are posing threat to peaceful environment. They said it is disappointing to note that the police has failed to take effective action against such elements. They said if the police failed to counter the threat, then the Ahmedzai Wazir tribe will be compelled to take collective action by forming a Lashkar (militia) against the criminals.

The Jirga speakers reminded that such kind of a situation was also created in 2007. However, they said the tribe had formed a joint committee on the situation and the elements creating law and order problems were ousted from the area. They said the Ahmedzai Wazir tribe wants nothing else but peaceful environment.


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