AIDS cases are on the rise in North and South Waziristan districts with both districts recording 416 cases.

Dr Zainullah Badin, AIDS in-charge for the South Waziristan district said the health department has 149 cases from the districts registered with it.

He said that health authorities conduct free AIDs screening in August and September every year. Besides, this AIDs patients are also provided with free medicines.

Dr Badin said that AIDS patients required treatment till death.

He said that South Waziristan was in fourth position in terms of AIDs cases. However, the doctor said that North Waziristan has the highest number of AIDS cases among the merged districts.

“There are 277 AIDs positive cases in North Waziristan,” the doctor said.

He said that nine members of family have contracted AIDS in the Toi Khula area of North Waziristan. “All members of the family including women and children have tested positive for HIV,” he said.

The doctor said that the family hid their condition for three years due to the stigma attached with the illness.

The doctor said that the health department has provided 30,000 kits for AIDs screening. However, he said that they also needed an AIDS care center in Wana on an emergency basis. The doctor said that the number of patients in both districts could be on higher sides as people there usually do not test due to stigma.

Dr Zaiullah said that usually locals who are abroad for work have spread the virus among the women.

The doctor said that International AIDS Day will be observed on December 1 and free screening will be provided for the general public.


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