PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has installed the first Internet of Things (IoT) based air quality monitoring gadget in Peshawar.

The gadget has been installed at the office of District Nazim Peshawar Muhammad Asim Khan. The gadget is designed to detect toxic elements and sense temperature, humidity, dust and carbon dioxide levels in the air. The gadget will provide facility to environmentalists to work out viable solution to the issues emanating from the air pollution and cleanse the atmosphere.

Announcement to this effect was made by Special Assistant to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister on Science and Technology and Information Technology Kamran Bangash on the social media.

“In order to combat air pollution in the city, the 1st IoT based Air Quality Monitoring Gadget in #KP installed at the office of @Mayor_Peshawar District Nazim Peshawar, designed to detect toxic elements in the air. A novelty step towards a better healthier #Peshawar” he said in a tweet.

The step of installing first IoT-based device in Peshawar is a way to reduce the air pollution from keeping the levels of toxic substances which are present in atmosphere under observation and acts as a way towards better and healthier future for Pakistan.

The installation of the gadget is part of the efforts by the KP government to tackle the challenges of environment change. Earlier, the billion tree tsunami scheme has already been an enormous success which got worldwide recognition. These steps were particularly necessitated after Peshawar was ranked among the top polluted cities of the world. A report of the World Health Organisation in 2016 ranked Peshawar the second most polluted city across the globe, which set the alarm bells ringing in the provincial capital.

The provincial government had spent a lot on the beautification of the city, but after that it launched the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in the city which not only spoiled all the good work on beautification of the city, but also created a lot of pollution in shape of dust, smoke, noise etc. Still, there are a lot of environmental issues in the capital city, however, the government is hopeful that these issues will mitigate with completion of the BRT project.


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