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BARA, 27 April: The Akakhel tribesmen have complained that most of the houses in their area were not included in the survey for reconstruction of the strucutres damaged in the conflict.

During a brief chat with the TNN, they said that the administration ignored the houses of poor people to include them in the list of reconstruction. They urged the authorities concerned to conduct the survey of damaged houses afresh.

“We were told that the survey would be conducted to assess the number of damaged houses to provide compensation to the owners of these houses. Only five-six houses of the Akakhel tribe have been listed as damaged while the remaining houses were totally ignored. Those who conducted the survey said that our houses were not damaged due to conflict but owing to rains. This survey should be conducted in a transparent way, ensuring that all the affectees get their due right,” they said.

On the other hand, Bara Assistant Political Agent Nasir Khan said that the survey of the missing houses would be conducted again and all those whose houses were damaged would be given their due right.

The owners of fully-damaged houses would get a compensation of 400,000 rupees while the owners of partially-damaged houses would be given 160,000 rupees recompense.


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