An earthquake affected person getting compensation cheque in Buner. - Photo by Imran Khan

BUNER, 25 November: The Al-Khidmat Foundation on Tuesday distributed cheques among 170 people of Buner whose cattle were killed in the 26 October earthquake.

A ceremony in this regard was held in Suwari area on Tuesday where Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Zakat and Ushr Habibur Rehman distributed compensation cheques of Rs1.245 million among the affected people.

TNN correspondent said the owners of dead cows were given Rs10,000 each, owners of dead buffalos got Rs15,000 each and the owners of other cattle killed in the quake got Rs5,000 each. Those who received compensation cheques appreciated the efforts of Al-Khidmat Foundation. However, they complained that the government has not extended any assistance to them so far.

“The government did not extend any help to us after the earthquake. The Jamaat-e-Islami gave us cheques of Rs10,000 for which we are very thankful to them,” a local earthquake affected person told TNN.

Another local person said he got Rs10,000 compensation for his dead cow and he will pray for the wellbeing of those who helped him in hour of need. “No one except the Jamaat-e-Islami came to us after we suffered losses in the earthquake,” he said.


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