KP Chief Minsiter Mehmood Khan. - A file photo

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mehmood Khan has said all the appointments in the newly merged tribal districts will be made purely on merit basis.

The chief minister said this while talking to Governor Shah Farman in a meeting on Monday. During the meeting, the two leaders discussed new appointments in the tribal districts. The chief minister said all those officers will be appointed in the tribal districts who had not earlier served in this area.

The chief minister made it clear that there will be no favouritism or nepotism in the new appointments. He said those officers who tried to use any influence for deployment in the tribal districts will be sent home for five years as punishment. The governor and the chief minister decided in principle not to make any compromise on merit and the chief minister also sought a list of names of capable officers from the Establishment Department for appointment in the tribal districts.

Mehmood Khan said merit-based appointments were inevitable in the tribal districts to ensure good governance. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had pledged to provide a good structure in the tribal districts and that pledge will be implemented in letter and spirit. He said some people are using references and acquaintance to get favour in appointments in the tribal districts, but the government will not comply them. He said the government cannot overlook deserving candidates to favour those who are using political and other influences for this purpose.

The chief minister advised the officers to do away with the habit of using references for getting favoured appointments. He said such officers will only end up going home for five years as punishment as the government is firm on not making any compromise on merit.

The chief minister said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has decided to end the obsolete practices and bring a system of transparency and merit. He said the people of the tribal districts have suffered a lot due to law and order issues and now they deserve peace and development. He said the government is committed to address the sense of deprivation of the people of the tribal districts. He said the objective of the Fata-KP merger cannot be achieved without bringing a transparent system.


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