By Ali Afzal

PESHAWAR, 3 July: The people of FATA are known for their hospitality and special cuisines. However, the local Kurram rice which has a unique taste is the most popular food in the area.

Every area and every home like particular cuisines for Iftari during the holy month of Ramazan. The people of Kurram Agency of FATA like to eat special Kurram rice during Iftari for its matchless taste and attractive fragrance.

The people in Kurram Agency cook the local rice in different styles on different occasions. On the occasion of marriages, the rice is cooked in big caldrons after which it is served to people in groups. Anwar Shah, a local resident, says people from other areas outside Kurram cannot cook this rice as perfectly like the local people do. There are different kinds of Kurram rice like white rice and mixed rice etc. “However, the recipe cooked with black pulse has taste of its own,” Mr Shah told TNN. Chicken soup is also served to guests with the special rice which further contributes to its mouth-watering taste.

Chicken pieces add to the taste of Kurram rice.
Chicken pieces add to the taste of Kurram rice.

This particular breed of rice is produced in the fields of Karman, Sultan, Shablan, Sadda, Bagan, Alizai and Sambar areas of Kurram tribal region.

The people of FATA believe that the dastarkhwan remains incomplete without Kurram rice. That is why the rice finds place on dastarkhwans on Iftari and even Sehr timings.

Muhammad Daud, another local resident, says besides locals, people from other areas also visit Kurram Agency to enjoy the taste of traditional rice.

“People from different parts of the country visit Kurram out of love for local rice and fall in love with this local cuisine once they eat it. The local rice had also been presented by the people of Kurram to people of other areas as gift,” he said.

The people of Kurram usually cook rice at the time of Iftar. Mr Shah had also cooked the rice during Iftari for a guest, Waheed. “It was a wonderful Iftar with the local Kurram rice,” Mr Waheed said.

The use of melted butter further adds to the taste and fragrance of the rice.

People enjoying Iftar dinner with Kurram rice, melted butter, salad and cold drink.


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