DERA ISMAIL KHAN, 17 September: The people of Dera Ismail Khan city are facing a difficult situation due to stinking atmosphere created due to animal wastes after Eidul Azha.

The local people said the district administration had claimed before Eid that special efforts will be made to ensure cleanliness in the city after Eid, but animal wastes are seen scattered on different sites on Multan Road, Draban Road, Bannu Road and other important roads which has created nuisance for the residents and commuters. The municipal administration staff is missing from the city and no one is coming to lift the animal wastes and clean the city.

“Animal wastes are scattered all over the place and no one is coming to clean the area. The people are facing a very difficult situation in this stinking atmosphere. The government should take notice of the matter,” Bahadur Sher, a local resident, told TNN.

The sanitation staff in-charge said all the resources had been utilised to clean the city. He said some areas could not be cleaned so far due to shortage of staff.