PESHAWAR: Another doctor succumbed to coronavirus in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Friday after which the death toll of doctors from the virus in the province has reached 47.

According to Provincial Doctors Association (PDA), Dr Saghir Ahmed, Senior Medical Officer Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Haripur, died after protracted illness in Al-Shifa Hospital Islamabad. He also had contracted coronavirus and was on ventilator after experiencing kidneys failure. His funeral prayers were offered at TIP Colony Haripur in the afternoon.

Doctors are at increased risk of contracting coronavirus as they come in contact with various infected persons in hospitals. Shortage of protective equipment at government hospitals make them even more vulnerable.

The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) had said in a statement that 2020 was an unfortunate year not only for Pakistan but for the whole world due to pandemic of COVID-19. It said the increasing burden of disease of the second wave in the community is proving to be more fatal for doctors. Till now 154 doctors have lost their lives due to COVID–19 in Pakistan.

The PMA demanded of the government to take effective measures including the deliverance of Shuhada Package for the welfare of families of the deceased doctors.

The arrival of coronavirus vaccine has slowed down the inflections and deaths of frontline health workers. With the arrival of the vaccine it was announced by the government that frontline health workers would get the vaccine under the first priority and then the second priority was the elderly people above the age of 65. However, registration for the vaccination was slower than expected probably due to fear of adverse reaction.

The National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) held a meeting in Islamabad on Friday to review the coronavirus situation, progress on vaccination drive and update on emergency use authorisation for age group above 60 years.

The NCOC was briefed that the next tranche of vaccine doses has been dispatched to Sindh and Balochistan by air, whereas the rest of the provinces by road. It was shared that negotiations with the Sinopharm vaccine manufacturers are being finalised for the half a million doses to be provided to Pakistan.



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