Mehrab Afridi

LANDI KOTAL: The Awami National Party (ANP) has said tribal districts could get a lot of benefits from the historical trading route of Khyber Pass but due to wrong policies, the tribal people were never allowed to reap its benefits.

The ANP leadership added the tribal people are still deprived of the fast internet facility despite the tall claims of the PTI government to have restored it. The ANP leadership was addressing a political gathering of its candidate for PK-105 Shah Hussain Shinwari on Friday. The ANP added that only the ANP has the ability to change the destiny of tribal people and asked them to elects the ANP candidates in the upcoming election.

“The PTI government has destroyed the economy of the country and traditional trade corridor of Khyber Pass,” said Sardar Babak while addressing a political gathering in Khyber district. Babak added that if the route was fully utilized for trade, tribal districts can be connected to half of the world through Afghanistan and central Asian countries but due to the wrong policies trade activities have now shifted to other countries from our region.

The provincial president of ANP Aimal Wali Khan has strongly criticized the government for the inflation and the rising prices of daily use items in the country. He added that the government has now fully exposed and unable to run the country. Aimal Wali said that the Pakhtun leadership, Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir, have been imprisoned and are not being allowed to attend parliament session. He added the National Assembly speaker has issued the production order of Asif Ali Zardari and Shahbaz Sharif but no such production orders were issued for Ali and Mohsin.

Aimal added that so far they have enforced section-144 in South and North Waziristan to suppress the opposition parties and prevent them to conduct their election campaign. However, he added that ANP cannot be suppressed through such measures.


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