Photo by Abdul Sattar

MARDAN, 14 August: A district-level campaign to stop spreading of Congo virus has been kicked off at a veterinary hospital in Katlang, Mardan on Sunday.

According to officials, animals would be sprayed during the campaign to protect them from the attack of Congo virus.

A ceremony was held in veterinary hospital Katlang which was attended by farmers, local government representatives and general public.

Dr. Misal Khan while addressing the ceremony informed the farmers that Congo virus transmitted from animals to human beings and to stop spreading of Congo, animals in houses and cattle markets would be sprayed during the campaign.

He said since animals are being slaughtered during Eid-ul-Azha on large scale, there are more chances of spreading of the virus.

Dr. Misal Khan told TNN that usually the Congo fever transmitted  to human being through insects found in the body of animals, which usually suck blood from animals.

“If somebody tries to remove the insect from animals’ body with his/her hand and its blood enters into a human body through a wound, the virus gets transmitted to human body,” he explained.