PESHAWAR, 09 December: As part of the ongoing anti-corruption week observed all over the country, walks, rallies and programs are being held in different cities.

A program was held in Swabi to mark the anti corruption week. It was attended by government officials, school teachers and large number of students.

Speakers on this occasion said that corruption is the main impediment in country’s progress as without eliminating the menace of corruption, the dream of good governance could not be achieved. They said everybody is required to stand against corruption. A rally was also held to create awareness among masses regarding this social evil.

A similar program was also held in Parachinar, Kurram Agency which was attended by officials of the political authorities, tribal elders and students.

Speakers said that corruption had become routine in our society. They demanded that anti corruption law should further be tightened and that those found in corrupt practices should be punished exemplary.


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