KURAM: Dr Asmat Ullah Wazir, assistant Commissioner has been injured in a clash with the protestors in Central Kurram tribal district on Friday. Wazir is civically injured and referred to District headquarter hospital in Sadda.

Two Khasadars men and three protestors were also injured in the clash. To disperse the protestors, the Khasadar personnel opened fire due to which three protestors were injured.

The assistant commissioner, Fazal Wadood, while giving information to media about the incident said that a group of tribal people were in peaceful protest for their demands when some of the youth enraged and pelted stones on officials and security forces and districts administration.

He informed that during the clash, Dr Asmat received a stone on his head and was critically injured. A Subedar and sepoy of Khasadar force were also injured.

While tribal elder Malik Saifullah said that they were in peaceful protest against for their rights when the Khasadar force opened firing on them due to which three protestors were injured. Malik Saifullah alleged that they are being harassed by the FC soldiers on the Check posts for their non-custom paid vehicles. He added that they are not allowed to take fertilizers for their crops inside the Kurram. He added that they are not even allowed to take patrol inside the district even for their personal use. Malik Saifullah said that despite merger, they are still, deprived of basic amenities of life

Despite the clash and injuries on both sides, the protestors have closed down the road in protest for their demands, which is still in progress. The district administration has also called the tribal elders and the leadership of the protestors for dialogues to end the protest without any delay however, so far there is no positive outcome.

All the injured men, including Dr Asmat Ullah have been shifted to District headquarter Sadda where their conditions are stated to be out of danger.

PESHAWAR: Dozens of people gathering outside the Peshawar press club on Friday protesting against the security forces for ‘harassing’ the owners of non-custom paid vehicles in Kurram.  They were led by the PTI Youth general secretary from Kurram, senior vice president of PPP from Tribal district Zia Ullah and Secretary of ANP Kurram, Muhammad Anwar.

They chanted slogan against the government and security forces and the said that the federal government has given them a tax relaxation for the five years, therefore; the owners of non-custom paid vehicles should not be harassed at check posts.

They allleged that the tribal people were in protest in Kurram when the security forces and administration resorted to violence against them due to which three peaceful protestors were injured.


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