No function organised by university to mark third anniversary of terror attack

CHARSADDA: The students of Bacha Khan University Charsadda held Quran Khwani on the road outside the university on Sunday on the occasion of third anniversary of the terrorist attack on the university after they were not allowed by the administration to enter the campus.

The university administration did not organise any function to commemorate the martyrs of the terrorist attack on Bacha Khan University three years ago after which the students decided to hold Quran Khwani for their martyred friends. However, they were not allowed to enter the university campus by the administration after which they decided to hold Quran Khwani on the road in front of the university gate.

On 20 January, 2016, four terrorists attacked Bacha Khan University at around 9:00am and killed 20 people, including 14 students and injured 22 others. The four terrorists were also killed in an operation by police and law enforcing agencies. Suicide jackets and other weapons were recovered from the attackers. Prompt action from the Pakistan Army and police ensured that at least 150 students were rescued safe and sound.  The facilitators of the terrorist attack were also arrested in subsequent intelligence based operations.

However, it was a matter of grave concern for the students that the university administration did not arrange any event to pay tribute to the martyred students on third anniversary of the incident and also forbid the students from holding Quran Khwani inside the university. The students also staged a token protest outside the university gate and then hold Quran Khawani. They offered dua for their martyred friends and also for prosperity and peace in the country.

Local sources said the students and parents have also expressed concern over the existing security arrangements at the university. The watch towers of the university are often seen empty despite provision of heavy grant to the university for security arrangements. The sources said no security personnel have been deployed at the watch towers and birds have set up nests in these towers.

Meanwhile, the Awami National Party President Asfandyar Wali Khan said in a statement on the third anniversary of Bacha Khan University terrorist attack that the mindset of the terrorists should be defeated to eradicate terrorism. He said that though three years had passed after the heinous attack, justice could not be provided to the families of those killed in the attack on the university.

Asfandyar said that the terrorists had inflicted huge loss on the culture, economy and education of the Pakhtuns. He said that those, who laid down their lives, would always be remembered.


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