KHAR, 1 November: Several water streams have dried up in different areas of Bajaur due to change in weather conditions.

People of Khar tehsil said ground water level has gone down to an alarming extend due to lack of rains. They said they are facing many difficulties due to unavailability of water for daily use. They said the famous Bai Cheena used to fulfil drinking water and irrigation needs of the whole area but that stream has also dried up due to which the local people were left with no option but to leave the area.

Ahmed Banori, a resident of Bai Cheena, said while talking to TNN that the historic stream was fulfilling the water needs of the people since the last many centuries.

“A lot of people used to visit the Bai Cheena stream to fetch water, but it has dried up now. Climate change is affecting our region a lot and a proper planning is needed to cope with the situation,” he said.