Photo by Hanifullah

KHAR, 11 August: Despite tall claims by the Fata secretariat of promoting education in the tribal region, there are still some areas where there is not a single government primary school.

Islam Ghat is Salarzai tehsil of Bajaur agency is one such village where locals say the future of their children is uncertain as there is no school neither for girls nor for boys.

“The government is paying no attention towards us. Our children are growing up without education,” said a local of the area while talking to TNN.

He said a primary school was set up a few years ago under a project “Idea” but the same was being winded up.

“We demand of the government to set up a school in the area so that our kids can get education,” demand an elder of the village, adding there were about 400 families in the village.

A little kid Zeeshan while talking to TNN also urged the government to save their future as their precious time was being wasted.

“We will grow illiterate and our time will pass grazing sheep and cattle. Our life may get change if we get education,” the little Zeeshan said.