BANNU, 01 December: Tribesmen in FR Bannu have demanded of the government to allow them to collect transit tax from vehicles carrying goods to North Waziristan Agency.

“We maintain peace on the Bannu-Miranshah road from Azad Mandi to Kajhoori checkpost. If there happens any untoward incident in the area, government holds us responsible. It imposes fine on us for any wrongdoing. It is our right to levy transit fee,” an elder of the Baka Khel tribe told TNN.

He further said that if the government did not honor their demand, they would not be obliged to perform the collective responsibility. fulfill

Earlier, a grand jirga of the Baka Khel tribesmen, which held here on Tuesday said the practice is in vogue in North Waziristan and tax was being collected on Esha, Boya and Damdel checkposts. It is the right of Baka Khel tribe to charge permit fee, the jirga announced.


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