Cable operators of Balochistan addressing a press conference in Quetta. – Photo by Shah Muhammad Dotani

QUETTA, 22 November: The cable operators of Balochistan have suspended cable service in the whole province in protest over auction of direct to home (DTH) licence.

The Balochistan Cable Operators Association president Babrak Khan said while addressing a press conference on Monday that the issuance of DTH licence by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) will destroy the cable industry. He said 500,000 people will be rendered jobless if the cable business came to an end. He said the DTH licence will provide jobs to only 1,500 people.

“The government should resolve this issue. The cable operators have made investment of Rs103 billion in Pakistan during the last 17 years,” Mr Babrak said.

He said the cable operators are important stakeholders in the PEMRA, but they were not taken into confidence over the issue of DTH licence. He demanded immediate cancellation of DTH licence auction. He said if the government cannot cancel the auction, then the cable operators should be paid back the investment made in the country. Babrak also called upon the government to provide government jobs to cable operators.